Welcome to The Modern Woman Mastermind Collective

For the Modern Woman, committed to reaching her full potential and life mastery.

About Us

The Modern Woman Collective is a community of driven modern women, committed to reaching their full potential and life mastery while supporting each other in the process. 

Why You Should Join Us

  • If you are a creative, entrepreneur, or corporate sister, dedicated to reaching your full potential and life mastery. 
  • If you have the desire to do something great in life.  Even if you can't exactly word it yet, you are on to something and could use support from others that understand you. 
  • If you have felt lost in other bigger groups where it feels disconnected and impersonal. 
  • If you really care about the success of others around you.
  • If you visualize yourself living a fully inspired life where your hard work pays off and allows you to do the things that bring you joy. 

How Exactly Does This Work?


  • Monthly Community Meeting (This will be on the first of the Month). January 1st (*we may change that day). February 1st, March 1st... Etc...
  •  Monthly Themed Meeting curated by your suggestions, we will bring in expert guests to share their knowledge and expertise in topics of interest to the community. 


Shares and resources are listed on our community page.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for choosing the MWMC community to be here for you and congratulations on the courage to commit to your life's path. 

To our visions!

Things to know!

Below you will see options, monthly and annual. To find monthly, click on annual until it changes to monthly! 

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